Quality Policy

BOTANICA NUTRIENTS, S.L. is a laboratory dedicated to the formulation, manufacture, packaging and distribution of natural cosmetic products and food supplements placed on the market under the name of different commercial brands.

In our quest to achieve a higher quality in our services and products, we all work with the same goal: to satisfy the needs of our customers to the maximum and for this we have established the following maxims to be fulfilled within our company:

To guarantee continuous improvement, maintaining the System efficiently and effectively to verify the commitment with the stakeholders, seeking a better internal organisation of work to do so.

To comply with all legal and regulatory requirements imposed by our customers and stakeholders and other requirements that the company considers it appropriate to subscribe to.

To achieve high competitiveness in our markets based on the quality of our products, trust and the loyalty of our customers.

To have the best technicians and means so that our work parallels the quality of services and products and results in the satisfaction of stakeholder groups.

To establish quality objectives and targets that are consistent with the company’s management and the risks and opportunities thereof.

To correct our mistakes and avoid the appearance of new ones, based on the objective data arising from the development of our processes.

To provide the material means and resources necessary to carry out the above principles: improvement of infrastructure, development of new products and training of personnel.